Lawn & Spray Services

Simmons Turf has quickly become one of the top landscape management companies in the Jackson Metro Area. With a mindset for “Setting the Standard in Landscape Excellence,” we want to make sure we keep that promise by making your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. As licensed commercial applicators, we can provide you with a step-by-step plan for your lawn that includes spraying and overseeding.

Visit #1: February
To begin the year with our spray program, we pre-emerge all turf and bed areas to eliminate early germinating spring weeds and begin the process of preventing weeds in those areas throughout the summer.

Visit #2: March 15-April 15
This follow-up visit is when we focus in on post-emerge broadleaf weed control. We also spot-spray grassy weeds that may have come up in the bed areas or lawn. If desired by the client, now would be the time to overseed your lawn area with your choice of warm-season grass.

Visit #3: April 15-May
With this time of the year historically being the month of rising temperatures and increased rains, it makes it the perfect time to start fertilizing your lawn for the summer. Your lawn will produce a thick turf that will keep a lush green color throughout the growing season. The fertilizer is moderate-release and specifically formulated for the start of the growing season.

Visit #4: June -August
This maintenance application is meant to keep your turf steady throughout the heat of the summer in the middle of the growing season. By applying a slow-release fertilizer, we reduce the potential for turf burn. This also allows for a longer fertilizer-release period so that the turf can take up the necessary nutrients it needs through the root system. What does that mean for you? An extended lush, green turf that is looking its best at the hottest time of the year.

Visit #5
This application is intended to prepare your lawn for the winter. If you desire to not have your lawn overseeded, then a pre-emerge application for the lawn is needed. All bed areas are pre-emerged during this time period to make sure that the winter weeds do not germinate. At the end of the growing season, high-potassium fertilizer is also applied to prepare the turf roots for the cold winter months.

Visit #6: December-January
This visit ends the year for our spraying program. During this visit, we check to make sure no winter weeds are coming up. If they are, then a post-emerge herbicide is used to kill these weeds.

OPTIONAL Visit #7: October 15 – November 15
How do you want your lawn to look? Would you like for us to keep the grass green all-year around? If so, then a winter overseed application is what you need. With our winter overseed application, we use a perennial ryegrass blend that provides an excellent dark green color during the winter. At a rate of 8-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft., you will be sure to have a thick stand of winter grass for your lawn.